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Meet the Motive Exhibition team

Who are we? We’re Motive, an exhibition stand design and build team

At Motive Exhibitions, our friendly team of exhibition specialists have years of experience in designing, project managing, building and installing show-stopping exhibitions to wow your audience.

Based in Cambridgeshire, Motive Exhibitions are not simply exhibition builders covering the Midlands, as we work in exhibition halls across the whole of the UK and Europe. Our designers are up to date with the latest innovations and technology and will work with you to produce an exhibition stand to inspire your customers, whatever the size of your organisation, budget or location. 

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What about you?

Feeling like you’ve more chance of keeping the seagulls off your chips than organising an exhibition stand?

Feeling more out of your depth than a hippo on roller skates?

Fear not, we’re just the team to keep the wheels going round and everyone enjoying themselves. 

Let’s answer some questions you might have about us:

Oh, you’ve not heard of us?

Awks. We’ve been around since 2020. We’ve pooled our collective experience to create a great exhibition company (just quoting a client).

So who are Motive Exhibitions?

We’re a small exhibition design, build and installation company, based in Cambridgeshire, installing exhibition stands all over the UK. 

Sounds a bit ambitious, how the flipping heck do you do that?

Who says? We have a lean team who are good at what they do, with lots of experience (too many years to mention!). Quite often we’re taking more than one client to the same location. No sweat here.

Yeah, but how do you really do that?

Good planning, really good planning and a great team who know what they’re doing. Oh, and a lot of hard work.

What don’t you do?

Banner stands, pop-up stands or tabletop stands. 

Can I have a list of what you actually do?

Exhibition design, build, installation and project management. Custom exhibition stands, modular stands and shell scheme stands and all the bells and whistles that come with it. And you can hire or buy it.

Is hiring an exhibition stand a thing?

It certainly is! Hiring exhibition stands is extremely popular and definitely a ‘thing’ now.

Will I actually know anyone you work for?


Joe and Sephs Popcorn
Brew Tea Co
Graven Hill
Essential Cuisine
DS Smith

People buy people. I want to know who I will be dealing with. What do you look like?

Put your sunnies on. These smiles are dazzling.


david hennessy

co founder and managing director

Warm, knowledgeable and passionate about exhibitions and graphics, David has years of experience within the industry. He has a particular interest in driving change within the exhibition industry to become more eco-conscious and sustainable, introducing best practices along with reusable and recyclable materials to clients to ensure their stands are reflective of their businesses pledges to the environment without compromising on the quality of their stand.


zak kightley

co founder and operations director

With a background in design, print and exhibition management and leadership qualification from CMI, Zak is now responsible for the operational management and growth of Motive’s three businesses operations: exhibitions, signs and graphics.


edward marshall

co founder and creative director

Edward loves nothing more than getting involved in every aspect of the exhibition design and project management process. With experience of working on a variety of exhibition stands and events, he understands first hand the challenges of standing out in a business exhibition hall and the tricks to turning engaging prospects into leads.


lesley tuck

co founder and finance director


kara hindwood

production technician

You’re the new kids on the block. Should I be worried?

If you love feeling like the smallest client, the bureaucracy of account managers and enjoy bean bags and Zen rooms, then we’re probably not right. 

New kids as a company, we might be, but we know what makes a great client very happy and unless you want to design a new exhibition stand every week, then we should be absolutely fine. Individually, we’ve all been in the industry for far too many years…

How much is an exhibition stand?

How big is the stand space you’ve got?

You might find our blog posts useful in planning and budgeting or just give us a ring. We’re all for helping out.

What do your clients say about you, apart from your sense of humour is a bit left-field (and that’s putting it kindly)?

What we lack in years as a business, we more than make up with on client testimonials.

Want top tips from our exhibition stand design and build team?

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At Motive Graphics, we know your imagination is where all great ideas start. Our experienced team are here to help turn your visions into reality. Whether it be part of a sign project, office interior, rebranding an entire business or graphics for your new van.

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Whether you are new to exhibiting or an experienced exhibitor and are looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to talk through your options.

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