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What is a bespoke exhibition stand?

Bespoke exhibition stands – also known as custom exhibition stands – are designed specially for a specific event or around your exhibition calendar.

Your purchased stand space, show objectives, target audience, venue restrictions, and exhibition themes are all taken into account to create the perfect customised option.

There are many ways to create a bespoke stand. Choose a single or double-deck option. Mix bought or hired elements. Combine eye-catching graphics and props with your own products. Let your creativity run wild to create a showstopping custom exhibition stand that will wow your customers and competitors!

Do you need a bespoke exhibition stand that ticks all the boxes? 

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What are the benefits of a custom stand?

The beauty of a bespoke exhibition stand is that it can be designed to meet every one of your brand’s requirements – including budget.

A custom stand will give you maximum flexibility. You can choose to theme it or make a bold statement with a double-deck design, to create an upstairs meeting and entertainment space.

And there’s no limit to the creative options if you add hired elements, either. Think giant lightboxes, funky lights, LED screens, and different-coloured furniture and carpets. If you want it, we can create it!

They’re also the perfect option for creating ‘zones’ within your exhibition space, so if you’ve got several products or services to showcase, or multiple teams with different objectives, each can have its own designated area.

Does total creative freedom sound good?

At Motive, we’re not just bespoke exhibition stand builders

Get ready to breeze through your next exhibition with the Motive team at your side.
We’re far more than just a stand builder. Instead, we’re an extension of your marketing and events team.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager to collaborate with from the initial design stage to the final installation. Every member of our team is familiar with our projects, so rest assured you’ll receive consistent and accurate information from everyone you speak to. And we treat all of our clients the same, regardless of their requirements and budget.

For extra peace of mind, you’ll be invited to our workshop to see your exhibition stand before it’s installed at the venue, leaving you free to focus on those final bits of show prep.

We’re committed to building environmentally friendlier exhibition stands and reducing our overall carbon footprint as a business. We ensure that every aspect of our supply chain is as environmentally friendly as possible and uses sustainable, recyclable materials from verified sources. We also have a ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy, so you’ll never find elements of your stand in a skip at the end of a show.

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Why should you choose a bespoke exhibition stand?

Bespoke exhibition stands are the perfect choice if you want to:
  • Personalise your space with a stand unique to your brand.
  • Have total freedom and flexibility with design and build.
  • Reconfigure your stand for different events.
  • Create zoned areas for meetings and products.

  • Mix hired and bought elements to maximise your budget.
  • Exhibit on a stand designed specifically for your event.
  • Incorporate your own products or props.
  • Showcase several different products or services.

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Wow, what can I say – the stand looked incredible!

The team at Motive did a fantastic job as always – they keep raising the bar every time.”

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What is a bespoke built trade show stand?

Bespoke exhibition stands are purpose-built displays designed specifically for your exhibition space and target audience. They’re unique to your brand and the event. Common examples of these are island sites – as the name suggests, they have no sides, and you can usually walk all the way around them.

How do I know what my custom exhibition stand will look like?

Are you worried about whether your stand will look different from the visual you approved on paper? You don’t need to be, as we’ll build it in our workshop prior to the exhibition so you can see the stand exactly as it will look on the big day. We want you to turn up at your exhibition stand at the venue knowing what to expect, having seen it in the flesh a few weeks prior.

What makes a good bespoke exhibition stand?

A good bespoke exhibition stand reflects your brand’s values and business objectives, aligning with your goals for whichever event you’re exhibiting at.

To achieve this, we need to have a solid understanding of what you want us to create – this comes from the exhibition stand brief.

How much does a custom exhibition stand cost?

How long is a piece of string? There are so many variables here. We design small custom stands that cost £3000 and others that are huge, require heavy equipment to be shipped into place, and cost £250,000.

The cost completely depends on the space you hire and the type of stand you want. We may be able to design one stand that can be reconfigured for every exhibition you plan to attend. This would reduce the overall annual cost of exhibition stand builds. With the savings, you may decide to include video walls, games or interactive screens to ensure visitors see you earlier and stay longer.

What other types of exhibition stands are there?

Modular exhibition stands
A modular stand is an exhibition system comprising different blocks that can be reconfigured to fit different exhibition spaces without compromising on the graphics.

Shell scheme exhibition booth
A shell scheme refers to the preassigned space the exhibition organisers allocate you. It’s a booth, usually with 2-3 walls, which you can adapt with your own graphics and furniture.

If you need more insights into the different types of exhibition stand to help you decide on your perfect option, we’ve got some great blog articles which might help:

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Shell scheme or space only – what’s the difference?

The secret to a successful custom exhibition stand

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What’s the difference between a hybrid, custom and bespoke exhibition stand?

Nothing – just terminology. The main thing to note is they’re all designed completely with your brief in mind. Your bespoke exhibition stand will be customised to the venue, the event, the space around you, the stand size, and the desired visitor experience.

Can you store my bespoke exhibition stand?

Yes, of course! The vast majority of bespoke stands we build now take up very little storage space, which saves you money and reduces the risk of your stand getting damaged when you’re not using it.

Can we hire furniture from you?

A resounding yes! We want to give you the best value for your money. We don’t believe buying furniture that will only be used for a few days of the year makes sense, which is why we offer a hire service.

How much does it cost to hire an exhibition stand?

Stand hire is an economical option if you don’t plan to exhibit regularly, are looking to try a new concept due to a rebrand, or are new to exhibiting and want to see how well it works for you before committing to your own stand.

Several factors will influence the price to hire, including the size of the space you have booked; the destination of your exhibition space; what you are looking to achieve from exhibiting; and the products or services you are showcasing.

Our friendly exhibition team is experienced at walking you through the process. They will give you all the support you need to achieve a booth that looks and feels like yours, whilst attracting your target audience.


Should I just hire a stand?

This completely depends on what you are looking to achieve. Common reasons people hire their stand include:

  • They do not have anywhere to store a stand.
  • They are looking at experimenting with new ideas and concepts.
  • They have never exhibited and keen to try it out.
  • They do not exhibit regularly enough to warrant the outlay of owning their own booth.
  • Different teams within a company regularly exhibit and you need to change the graphics frequently.

If you regularly exhibit or plan to do so, and have a very clear idea of what you are looking to achieve, then owning your own exhibition stand is certainly worth considering.

If you are unsure whether to hire or buy, and need extra advice then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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