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Big island exhibition booth or small shell scheme, we make sure your booth is interesting, unique and true to your brand. We don’t believe in a one-style-fits-all identikit booth where you blend into the crowd, and the service you receive is mediocre.

We start by finding out what you want to achieve, how often you’ll exhibit it, and how much you want to spend. We’ll create a design that fits your brief and build a booth that delivers. There’s a booth design for every budget and size.

If you’re busy running your business or new to exhibiting and feel out of your depth, we’ll give you the guidance and level of support you need to make you feel at ease and reassured everything is in hand.

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You don’t need to compromise on design or experience to have a great exhibition booth

Buy or hire – we never compromise on quality. We will work with you to produce fantastic graphics and a booth that works for you and connects with your visitors.

We offer different types of booths, often combining custom, modular, and booth hire elements to create the perfect booth.

Owning a custom booth or modular system will give you maximum flexibility and a bespoke approach. However, hiring an exhibition booth can be a great alternative if you do not exhibit regularly, lack the storage space or are new to exhibiting.

Our booth hire service also includes furniture and AV to reduce costs.

At Motive, we’re not just exhibition booth builders

Get ready to breeze through your next exhibition with the Motive team at your side.

We’re far more than just a booth builder. Instead, we’re an extension of your marketing and events team.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager to collaborate with from the initial design stage to the final installation. Every team member is familiar with our projects, so rest assured you’ll receive consistent and accurate information from everyone you speak to. And we treat all our clients the same, regardless of their requirements and budget.

For extra peace of mind, you’ll be invited to our workshop to see your exhibition booth before it’s installed at the venue, leaving you free to focus on those final bits of show prep.

We’re committed to building environmentally friendlier exhibition booths and reducing our overall carbon footprint as a business. We ensure that every aspect of our supply chain is as environmentally friendly as possible and uses sustainable, recyclable materials from verified sources. We also have a ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy, so you’ll never find elements of your booth in a skip at the end of a show.

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Why should you choose Motive Exhibitions?

Whether this is your first exhibition or you are a seasoned expert, we want your experience to be as stress-free as possible. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Exhibition booth design, build & installation.
  • Option to hire or buy or both to personalise your space.
  • You only pay for what you need and use.
  • Customs, health and safety and risk assessment paperwork sorted.

  • To exhibit anywhere – we cover all major exhibition locations.
  • You can hire anything you need: lighting, flooring, TVs, furniture, games – even a kitchen sink if you need it!
  • Your booth pre-built in our workshop before your exhibition.
  • Project management, shipping and logistics are covered.
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“Thank for another EPIC InstallerSHOW. You  produced yet another great stand for us to tell our story from.”

UK Marketing Communications Manager, Danfoss


trade show booth design - Motive Exhibitions - Danfoss

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What types of exhibition booths do you offer?

Modular exhibition booth design
The beauty of modular exhibition systems is their flexibility.

They’re also an excellent option for companies that aren’t quite ready to commit to buying their own booth or don’t have the storage facilities to store one between events.

Modular exhibition booth designs can be created using a mixture of bought, hired, recycled, and reused elements. They are lighter to transport, making them a sustainably conscious choice.

Custom exhibition booth design
The beauty of a custom exhibition booth design is that it can be tailored to meet every brand requirement, including budget.

A custom exhibition booth design will give you maximum flexibility. And there’s no limit to the creative options if you add hired elements. You can choose to theme it or make a bold statement with a double-deck design, to create an upstairs meeting and entertainment space.

Shell scheme exhibition booths
A shell scheme booth is a great way to exhibit if this is your first foray into large-scale events or if you’re a business that wants to exhibit in different zones of the same exhibition venue.
With the right approach, a shell scheme booth can be an incredibly flexible, visually effective, lead-generating investment – and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve it.

Our exhibition booths are typically used in shell scheme spaces, island, space-only and outdoor shows.

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Shell scheme or space only – what’s the difference?

The secret to a successful custom exhibition booth

Insiders’ guide to modular booth hire

Exhibition booth ideas

Do you design and build booths anywhere in the UK and Europe?

We are based in Cambridgeshire and design and build booths across the UK and Europe. For your peace of mind, we always invite you to see your booth before the day of the exhibition. Our booths are built onsite at our manufacturing facilities before the final installation to ensure they are perfect.

Exhibition booth hire prices

Booth hire is an economical option if you do not plan to exhibit regularly, are looking to try a new concept due to a rebrand, or are new to exhibiting and want to see how well it works for you before committing to your own booth.

Several factors will influence the price to hire, including:

  • Size of the space you have booked
  • The destination of your exhibition space
  • What you are looking to achieve from exhibiting
  • The product or service you are showcasing

Our friendly exhibition team is experienced at walking you through the process. Our booth designers will give you all the support you need to achieve a booth that looks and feels like your own whilst attracting your target audience.

Can I hire a modular exhibition booth?

If you are looking for flexibility without overheads or storage issues, then hiring a modular exhibition booth is ideal. They are completely customisable, flexible, and adaptable. If you need to change some of your graphics to suit the audience of another division or team within your company who wishes to use your booth, no problem!

We can work with you to get a modular booth that makes an impact without starting a design and build from scratch every time. We also give you the opportunity to see your booth fully set up before the big day, to make sure you are 100% happy.

Don’t leave your booth to chance! Speak to one of our designers who can help you plan, manage and install it for you.

How will I know what my exhibition booth will look like?

Are you worried about whether your booth will look different from the visual you approved on paper?

You don’t need to be, our exhibition booth builders will construct it in our workshop prior to the exhibition so you can see the booth exactly as it will look on the big day. We want you to turn up at your exhibition booth at the venue knowing what to expect, having seen it in the flesh a few weeks prior.

What makes a good custom exhibition booth?

A good custom exhibition booth design reflects your brand’s values and business objectives, aligning with your goals for whichever event you’re exhibiting at.

To achieve this, we need a solid understanding of what you want us to create—this comes from the exhibition booth brief.

David Hennessy, Motive Exhibitions Managing Director, says, “The planning stage of your exhibition booth is key. Before our booth designers get started, they will want to know about your target audience, what you want from the exhibition, what you’d like to see from your booth, and the brand guidelines they must adhere to.

This process ensures you get a booth that totally reflects your brand and exceeds your expectations. We’re always happy to discuss ideas and plans to make sure this stage is locked down before we get started on your exhibition booth design.”


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