Showstopping exhibition stands

Bespoke exhibition stands designed and built by industry experts

Taking the stress out of exhibition stand design

Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor booking a 3x3m shell scheme or a seasoned pro branching out to a 15×15 double-decker space-only exhibition stand, we can help.

And it matters not to us what exhibition stand option you’re going for – all our clients receive the same top-class customer service and guidance regardless of their business size or project budget.

Exhibiting can be costly, so from initial design to dismantling your stand at the end of the event, we’ll be with you to help you maximise your show presence. For extra peace of mind, you’ll be invited to our workshop to see your exhibition stand before it’s installed at the venue, leaving you free to focus on those final bits of show prep.

Ultimately, we aim to make your exhibition experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible by collaborating with you from start to finish. We see ourselves as far more than just a team of stand builders: we’re an extension of your marketing and events team, helping you get maximum return on your investment every time you exhibit.

Work with us and make your next exhibition your best one yet!

Andersen EV Fully Charged South | Custom Exhibition Stand | Front View

Exhibition stands designed to be busy all day, every day

We’re trade show pros, so we understand that your main goals are to increase brand awareness, engage with current and prospective customers and, ultimately, drive sales.

Whether you’re a service-based provider or have tactile products to show and tell, we know all the tricks of the trade to get event visitors interested enough to visit your stand.

From branded props to quirky lightboxes, zoned areas for products to bustling bars, and digital displays to fully immersive 3D designs, we’ll create a stand that stops passersby in their tracks.


Exhibition stands to suit every requirement

Custom exhibition stand - Motive Exhibitions

Modular exhibition stands

A modular stand is an exhibition system comprising different blocks that can be reconfigured to fit various spaces.

custom exhibition stand design - Motive Exhibitions - Janome

Shell scheme exhibition stands

Shell scheme’ refers to the preassigned space the exhibition organisers allocate you. It’s a booth, usually with 2-3 walls, that can be customised with your choice of graphics, furniture and props.


Custom-built trade show stands

Custom modular exhibition stands are purpose-built for each exhibition. They’re unique to your business and the event you’re attending, so they’re the perfect way to really personalise your branding for a niche audience.

Custom exhibition stand - Motive Exhibitions

Space-only stands

A space-only exhibition stand is an allocated plot of exhibition space. All you get is the floorspace – the rest is up to you (and us!).

custom exhibition stand design - Motive Exhibitions - Janome

Hired stands

Some of our clients hire a whole stand, while others hire small elements like furniture. You can even create a hybrid stand design by combining custom-made props and elements with hired off-the-shelf products. Cost-effective and sustainable, hiring is a great exhibition option.

Bespoke exhibition stand design for UK and international shows

If you’re based in the UK and looking to exhibit abroad, or you’re based internationally and visiting one of the UK’s many tradeshows, we’re on hand to make the process as smooth as possible.

We’re well-versed in the customs processes and procedures required for taking your booth in and out of the UK and have assisted our clients at events in several European countries.

Regardless of your location, you will always have a dedicated project manager working with you and onsite on installation day.

Modular exhibition stand | Motive Exhibitions | All-Fill

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What’s your commitment to exhibition sustainability?

We’re committed to building environmentally friendlier exhibition stands and reducing our overall carbon footprint as a business. We ensure that every aspect of our supply chain is as environmentally friendly as possible and uses sustainable, recyclable materials from verified sources. We also have a ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy, so you’ll never find elements of your stand in a skip at the end of a show.

What is a custom-built trade show stand?

Custom exhibition stands are purpose-built displays designed specifically for your exhibition space and target audience. They’re unique to your brand and the event. Common examples of these are island sites – as the name suggests, they have no sides, and you can usually walk all the way around them.

How do I know what my custom exhibition stand will look like?

Are you worried about whether your stand will look different from the visual you approved on paper? You don’t need to be, as we’ll build it in our workshop prior to the exhibition so you can see the stand exactly as it will look on the big day. We want you to turn up at your exhibition stand at the venue knowing what to expect, having seen it in the flesh a few weeks prior.

What makes a good custom exhibition stand?

A good custom exhibition stand reflects your brand’s values and business objectives, aligning with your goals for whichever event you’re exhibiting at.
To achieve this, we need to have a solid understanding of what you want us to create – this comes from the exhibition stand brief.

How much does a custom exhibition stand cost?

How long is a piece of string? There are so many variables here. We design small custom stands that cost £3000 and others that are huge, require heavy equipment to be shipped into place, and cost £250,000.

The cost completely depends on the space you hire and the type of stand you want. We may be able to design one stand that can be reconfigured for every exhibition you plan to attend. This would reduce the overall annual cost of exhibition stand builds. With the savings, you may decide to include video walls, games or interactive screens to ensure visitors see you earlier and stay longer.

What’s the difference between a hybrid, custom and bespoke exhibition stand?

Nothing – just terminology. The main thing to note is they’re all designed completely with your brief in mind. Your bespoke exhibition stand will be customised to the venue, the event, the space around you, the stand size, and the desired visitor experience.

Should I just hire a stand?

This completely depends on what you are looking to achieve. Common reasons people hire their booth include:

  • They do not have anywhere to store a booth.
  • They are looking at experimenting with new ideas and concepts.
  • They have never exhibited and are keen to try it out.
  • They do not exhibit regularly enough to warrant the outlay of owning their own booth.
  • Different teams within a company exhibit regularly and need to change the graphics frequently.
What can I hire from you?

The answer is “pretty much anything”!
Whether you want to hire a whole stand or just a few elements, we can help you design and build the perfect cost-effective exhibition experience for your visitors.

You can even create a hybrid stand design by combining custom-made props and elements with hired off-the-shelf products.

We’ve got a comprehensive catalogue of products which you can hire to enhance the look and feel of your stand, including:

  • Flexible modular exhibition stand framework
  • Furniture
  • Video walls
  • Light walls
  • TVs, iPads, interactive screens and even 4G
  • WiFi dongles
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Fridges
  • Games to create interactive stands
  • Shelving and even kitchen cabinets

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