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Make a statement with your shell scheme exhibition stand!. Creating inspiring and engaging shell scheme exhibition stands is our passion. We have the expertise to help you stand out from the crowd with well-designed graphics that reflect your brand and engage your visitors.

We can help guide you through best practices when it comes to creating visuals and graphics for your stand and have plenty of ideas on how to create the perfect environment to showcase your products and services no matter how small the space.

Shell Scheme Exhibition Graphics

Professional graphics to give your shell scheme exhibition stand the competitive advantage

Pair your framework with either: Rigid or Flexible graphics to attach to walls

Shell Scheme Stand with Printed Seamless Graphics | Euro Projects | Motive Exhibitions
Shell Scheme Stand with Modular Panels | Packaging Innovations | Stribbons Packaging | Motive Exhibitions
Shell Scheme Stand with Custom Modular Graphics | PHEX | Logic4Training | Motive Exhibitions

easy to use and store

You can easily store your graphics yourself but if you’re tight on space (for a charge), we can store your shell scheme exhibition stand graphics for you.

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What is a shell scheme exhibition stand?

A shell scheme refers to the exhibition stand or booth space that will be assigned to you when you book an exhibition stand. Typically these are advertised by the meter (3 x 3m or 3 x 4m are common sizes) and are the most common form of exhibition stand as they are a  uniform way of exhibition organisers putting together designated spaces for exhibitors. Constructed out of aluminium poles with walls, these offer a blank canvas ready to bring your brand to life. You can either attach graphics directly to the walls or look at other systems to make the space more personal to you.

It is worth noting that you cannot simply remove a wall to open up your space – your neighbouring exhibitor will not be impressed. Always ensure the space you book works for the ideas and budget you have in mind.

How do I make my exhibition stand out to visitors?

We can help to create a showstopping stand that will get you noticed. Here are some top tips to help when planning your stand:

  • Always use clear, simple graphics that are designed with the target audience in mind and resonate with them
  • Ask the question of what extra value does your stand bring to visitors - for example, a guest speaker giving free advice to your prospective customers
  • Make it clear what your business offers to your customers
  • Ensure you have good marketing and awareness before the exhibition
  • Give products or existing customers a reason to visit
  • People attract people! - generate interest by engaging customers to attract more
  • Offer freebies - a free coffee, snacks, giveaways, games to play and competitions to enter
  • Avoid having too much copy, fussy graphics and multiple messages as they do not lure people onto a stand to read further and make it hard work to understand what you offer and what’s in it for them immediately
What are the most effective ways to layout my exhibition?

Good planning and working with experts! Working with specialists on your stand can bring new ideas, introduce you to different ways to tell your story on your stand and take the guesswork out of it. The layout out of your stand will depend on what you are showcasing and the space you have booked.

Don’t leave your stand to chance! Speak to one of our designers who can help you plan, manage and install it for you.

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