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The Secret to a Successful Bespoke Exhibition Stand 1

When it comes to bespoke exhibition stand design, the sky’s the limit in terms of both budget and creativity. A bespoke exhibition stand is perfect if you are launching a new product or brand and want to create a buzz. 

It can be a daunting job to project manage, even if you are a seasoned exhibition manager. If you’ve been tasked with creating an exhibition stand that will both put your competition in the shade and generate leads, you might feel the pressure is on.

Essential Stand Planning

A great looking stand doesn’t have to cost the earth. But, if you have a large stand space and want to be THE stand everyone wants to visit, then you need to focus on what you want to achieve and produce a good brief with the budget to match from the start. At Motive Exhibitions, we always stress the importance of planning as it will ensure you get exactly what you want out of exhibiting.  Insert link to how to write the perfect exhibition brief.

Our expert exhibition design and installation team share their tips on how to create a successful bespoke exhibition experience for you and your prospective customers.

planning for a bespoke exhibition stand

table of contents:
    1. What is a bespoke exhibition?
    2. Where do I start with my exhibition stand project?
    3. How do I choose the right space?
    4. How can I maximise my exhibition stand budget?
    5. Tips on how to keep a project on track

What is a bespoke exhibition stand?

There are three main types of exhibition stands. Custom (or bespoke), modular and shell scheme exhibition stands.

A bespoke  exhibition stand is for those booking space-only or for ‘island’ exhibition space. 

A business would brief their exhibition designer on what they want to achieve from the stand. It is our responsibility to take the brief, share our knowledge of the products available, expertise and creativity, and design a stand that is specific to the needs of the client and their prospective customer utilising the space booked.

A good exhibition designer will share creative and practical suggestions to bring the space to life, and may recommend a combination of bespoke build and hire of key items. If we know the client will exhibit more than once, we will factor in how the stand can be adapted or customised for the future. A bespoke build is completely unique, it won’t be seen on any other competitors standsEd Marshall, Creative Director, Motive Exhibitions.

Is a bespoke exhibition stand and custom build the same thing?

Absolutely! Two ways of saying the same thing! You might find ‘exhibition stand’ and ‘exhibition booth’ used interchangeably. They are also the same thing. Don’t get bamboozled by jargon!

How much does a bespoke exhibition stand cost?

This is a ‘how long is a piece of string question’ as it can vary hugely on your space and what you want to do. The experienced Motive Exhibitions Managing Director, Dave Hennessy says:

A great looking exhibition stand doesn’t have to cost the earth, but if you have a large stand space and want to be THE stand everyone wants to visit, then you’ll need to have focused on what you want to achieve, a good brief and the budget to match from the outset. When it comes to planning your stand, you need to consider the time it will take to plan, market and staff for the stand, as well as the stand itself. Typically a bespoke exhibition stand will start from £7K upwards”.

How to write the perfect exhibition stand brief | Motive Exhibitions
Understanding your timescales

Where do I start with my exhibition stand project?

You’ve been tasked with organising an bespoke exhibition stand. Now what? Where do you start? If you are new to exhibiting or haven’t exhibited in a while, then we have plenty of resources that can help you to plan and manage your bespoke built exhibition stand.

We always stress the importance of planning as the more information you start with, the better product you will end up with. This is particularly important when it comes to budgeting. Allowing flexibility for last minute requests from management is so important and our guide helps you through this so you don’t forget anything.

Not sure if a custom exhibition stand is right for you?

A custom or bespoke exhibition stand can be a fantastic way to create excitement around your brand, services or new products. However, there are so many options including stand rental that might suit you better depending on your requirements. Read our guide on the different types of exhibition stands available.

How do i choose the right space?

It can be difficult to know what space you should book and the different types of exhibition stand available and what the benefits and differences are.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of exhibition stand space you can book: Space only, Island or Shell Scheme.

  • Space only plots will allow you to book an area without any pre-existing structure. Most exhibition halls will have rows sectioned off and will sell space by the square meter. 
  • Island space works like space only as it will have no existing structure there already but as in the name, the space will be an island without neighbours. For custom made booths, you will need to book either space only or an island space, depending on your requirements and budget.
  • Shell schemes are a popular choice and you will book space with a pre-existing structure which will comprise either one, two or three walls.

For most exhibition halls, the space of each structure will be the same so you can book either one scheme plot or several adjacent plots to create one larger stand space. They are usually constructed out of rigid walls of foamex panels in rows or corridors. 

Choosing the best position within an exhibition venue is also important when booking your space. Doing your homework on the venue if you are new to it or if it has been a while since you exhibited there is essential. Find out who else is exhibiting and if possible, where they are situated so that you can make strategic decisions about where you want to be to guarantee the most footfall.

A bespoke exhibition stand is not the only option or may not be suitable for the space you book. You may benefit from hiring all or part of your exhibition stand. Confused about what’s possible? Contact us for some friendly advice that will leave you feeling confident to take the next steps on planning your stand

Exhibition Stand Hire | Neon Sign | Motive Exhibitions
Modular Exhibition Stands

How can i maximise my exhibition stand build?

Ensure you don’t waste time and potential budget with a good brief from the outset. Read our guide on how to write an exhibition stand brief. Exciting and engaging stands don’t have to cost the earth. There are many simple and cheaper ways to attract and interact with visitors, for more inspiration, read our blog on 11 ways to attract a crowd to your exhibition stand.

Keep your exhibition stand project on track

Organising an exhibition stand project when you run a busy business can be a challenge. Our exhibition checklist is perfect for keeping on track and will help you to diarise important aspects of the project so that there is no last minute rush and nothing gets forgotten.

Understanding your timescales
Modular Exhibition Stands

The secret to a successful exhibition stand is:

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • A good brief
  • Be very clear about what you want to achieve and stick with it
  • Time – you need the time to do it properly
  • An exhibition team who takes time to understand your business, your overall objectives and can bring your ideas to life 
  • An experienced Project Manager within your chosen exhibition designers, to see you through the process, and take the load off you, to create a stress-free experience
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David Hennessy

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The Secret to a Successful Bespoke Exhibition Stand 2