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Get your brand noticed with a booth designed with your brand in mind

Big island exhibition booth or small shell scheme, we make sure your booth is interesting, unique and true to your brand. We don’t believe in a one-style-fits-all  identikit booth where you blend into the crowd and the service you receive is mediocre.

We start by finding out what you want to achieve, how often you’ll exhibit and how much you want to spend. We’ll create a design that fits your brief and build a booth that delivers. There’s a booth design for every budget and stand size.

If you’re tight on time, busy running your business or new to exhibiting and feel out of your depth, we’ll give you the guidance and level of support you need to make you feel at ease and reassured everything is in hand.

Custom Exhibition Booth
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Prepare for a stress-free exhibition booth design experience

If you need an exhibition company with an excellent creative team you can trust along with succinct project updates that clearly explain what is happening, then we can help!

At Motive Exhibitions, we know what we’re doing and we don’t need to bamboozle you with  jargon to prove how good we are.

If like many of our clients you exhibit regularly and need flexibility in your booth, we can plan this into the booth design from the outset, to create a booth designed for more than one purpose.

Danfoss Custom Exhibition Booth with AR | Motive Exhibitions
island custom built exhibition stand by Motive Exhibitions
Interactive Exhibition Stand with Plants | Budvar | Motive Exhibitions

Straight-forward expert advice from start to finish

Whether this is your first exhibition or you are a seasoned expert, we want your experience to be as stress free as possible. You will have a dedicated project manager to support you through the entire process from design through to installation on the day of the exhibition. We will also invite you to see your exhibition booth constructed before its final installation, leaving you to focus on preparing your team and ready to meet your stand visitors.

Custom Exhibition Booth

We don’t believe you need to compromise on design or experience to get a great exhibition booth

Buy or hire – we never compromise on quality. We will work with you to produce fantastic graphics and a booth that works for you to connect with your customers.

We have different types of booths on offer, often combining custom and modular elements creating a hybrid stand to achieve the perfect stand.

Owning a custom booth or modular system will give you maximum flexibility and a totally bespoke approach, but if you do not exhibit regularly, lack the storage space or are new to exhibiting, then hiring an exhibition booth can be a great alternative.

Our hire service also includes furniture and AV to reduce costs.

Exhibiting in the UK and Europe?

Taking your booth from one country to another can add an additional layer of the stress out of the exhibiting process.

We are experienced in the customs processes and procedures required for taking your booth in and out of the UK.

Regardless of your location, you will always have a dedicated project manager working with you and onsite on installation day. We can also help with managing your services, furniture and even printed material so that your branded exhibition stand is ready-to-go when you arrive.

Motive Exhibitions | Client Selfie at iGB Affiliates London with Leo Vegas
Speech Mark | LuxFilms Case Study | Motive Exhibition

Motive were amazing from start to finish.  We had so many positive comments about the stand.

The customer service was second to none, after a few bad experiences with other companies this was a welcome relief).

Genuinely lovely people who put everything into it and were just easy to work with.

our approach is simple

creative ideas that suit your brand

no lingo, no jargon, just straightforward advice that you can understand and trust

liaise with our team who create, manage and deliver

no grey areas that make you feel silly to ask questions, no assumptions you should know this stuff already

an end result that gives you the confidence to do future events and makes your the office star

updates you can give to your manager or boss without the need for a technical encyclopedia to decipher

good management and clear details keep projects on track

We can help if you:

– Need a quote for a bespoke exhibition booth quickly

– Weighing up whether to hire or buy your next booth

– Unexpectedly need to find a new exhibition booth designer

– Are looking for a creative and inspired design unique to your brand

– Want a reliable exhibition builder who is trusted and loved by their clients!

Innovations Show Exhibition Booth | Motive Exhibitions

Some of our exhibition booths 

Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions


What different types of exhibition booths are there?

Modular exhibition booth
Either referenced as exhibitions or trade shows. A modular booth is an exhibition system comprising different blocks that can be reconfigured to fit different exhibition spaces, without compromising on the graphics.

Custom build trade show booth
A purpose built exhibition booth customised to your exhibition space and target audience and totally unique to your brand.

Looking for an exhibition space without sides? You need an Island site – as the name suggests it has no sides and usually you can walk around every side.

Shell scheme exhibition booth
A shell scheme refers to the preassigned space that you are allocated by the exhibition organisers. This is a completely blank canvas ready for you to plan and create your exhibition space.

Give me more detail!
Guide to different types of exhibition stand

Shell scheme or space only – what’s the difference?

The secret to a successful custom exhibition stand

Insiders guide to modular stand hire

Exhibition booth hire prices

Booth hire is an economical option if you do not plan to exhibit regularly, looking to try a new concept, due to rebrand or are new to exhibiting and want to see how well it works for you before committing to your own stand.

Several factors will influence the price to hire, including:

  • Size of the space you have booked
  • The destination of your exhibition space
  • What you are looking to achieve from exhibiting
  • The product or service you are showcasing

Our friendly exhibition team is experienced at walking you through the process. They will give you all the support you need to achieve a booth that looks and feels like your own, whilst attracting your target audience.

Is hiring my stand a cheap option?
  • This completely depends on what you are looking to achieve. Common reasons people hire their booth include:
  • They do not have anywhere to store a booth
  • They are looking at experimenting with new ideas and concepts
    They have never exhibited and keen to try it out
  • They do not exhibit regularly enough to warrant the outlay of owning their own booth
  • Different teams within a company regularly exhibit and you need to change the graphics frequently

If you regularly exhibit or plan to do so, and have a very clear idea of what you are looking to achieve, then owning your own trade booth is certainly worth considering.

If you are unsure whether to hire or buy, and need extra advice then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Can I hire a modular exhibition booth?

If you are looking for flexibility without overheads or storage issues, then hiring a modular exhibition booth is ideal. They are completely customisable, flexible and adaptable. If you need to change some of your graphics up to suit the audience of another division or team within your company who wish to use your booth – no problem!

We can work with you to get a modular booth and various that make an impact without starting a design and build from scratch every time. We also give you the opportunity to see the booth fully set up before the big day, to make sure you are 100% happy.


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