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You’ve been given your brand’s exhibition stand to manage. You’re aware you can hire an exhibition stand, but what’s best for you? Buy or hire your next exhibition stand?

the main reasons you might choose to hire your next exhibition stand

1. you don’t plan to exhibit regularly

This might be a one-off product launch with no follow-up events yet in the diary. Infrequent product launches might be the only time your company ever exhibits so it wouldn’t be cost-effective to own your own exhibition stand for this.

2. you are new to exhibiting

You wish to hire a stand to test the waters before committing to purchasing. In addition, you might need to demonstrate to your directors that exhibiting is worth the time, energy and cost in terms of benefit for your brand and products or services, before you commit to it on a longer-term basis.

3. you wish to test out new design features –

You might be looking to freshen up your stand and the way you use it – perhaps to include virtual meeting rooms or VR technology? If you hire an exhibition stand, you can effectively ‘road test’ your layout or see how a different size shell scheme space will work for you and your brand before committing regularly.

4. you plan to exhibit in more than one location at a time

Hiring a modular stand for a one-off occasion when your main exhibition stand is being used elsewhere will save time and money. It will also enable you to be more flexible in your approach to exhibiting at multiple events and roadshows. 

5. you have successive events in a short space of time

Choosing exhibition stand hire will eliminate the mad rush to reconfigure graphics and stand decoration between events reducing stress and time constraints so that you can concentrate on running the events themselves.

6. you are based out of the uk

You might be planning to exhibit in the UK but are based abroad and wish to keep transportation costs at a minimum. Hiring an exhibition stand is a much more cost effective approach wherever you have overseas transportation costs to factor into the price of exhibiting.

7. you are based in the uk and planning to exhibit abroad

A reusable modular stand can be broken down easily to transport abroad, which will greatly minimise your transportation costs when exhibiting in mainland Europe.

8. sharing the cost

You might want to collaborate with internal brands or external brand partnerships. In this situation, hiring a modular exhibition stand system would share the cost.

9. lack of storage space

More and more companies are now working remotely, which means you might not have the space to store an exhibition stand in between events – choosing exhibition stand hire eliminates storage costs.

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David Hennessy

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