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creating an interactive exhibition stand

Are you looking for ways to really engage with your prospective clients? Your colleagues or bosses have suggested going for an interactive exhibition stand and you’re not sure where to start? The internet is packed with ideas, but you might feel swamped and in need of some inspiration and practical advice.

An interactive exhibition stand is the perfect way to engage your visitors as people always like to ‘do’ something at a stand. Clever design is all very well but people can become tired of simply looking and reading, especially if they attend many exhibitions or trade fairs. Here are some ideas of how you can create an interactive exhibition stand that will entice visitors and better engage them with your brand and/or products.

Think social media opportunities

Make your interactive stand into an Instagram opportunity. Photo booth style displays with greenscreen work particularly well in this respect. For example, if you are selling travel experiences, rather than brochures and photos, why not invite visitors to take green screen photos of themselves at exotic locations with your brand clearly displayed? It will travel across social media and get your brand across to a much wider audience.

Think branded stand-in cut-outs or a life-sized sheep in your company colours. You could even have a photo booth with props, which prints out photo strips with your logo on. As well as giving your visitors something to remember you by, it will also provide you with added promotion on social media and you can create hashtags to further benefit from this. 

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Get some people moving on the stand and you’ll catch the eye of other potential visitors. Providing games for your visitors needn’t be expensive either. Games like darts, skittles, ‘don’t buzz the wire’ giant Connect Four or Jenga can be fun and give your sales team a great talking opportunity while visitors are waiting to play. You can also offer meaningful prizes that further promote your products and brand.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another exciting way to entice visitors to your exhibition stand. It can work brilliantly for any type of business and give visitors the change to virtually experience your product and brand: rather than photos of your factories – take them on a VR tour; when promoting a new vehicle – give your visitors a hair-raising VR ride around a race track; if promoting a new coffee then take people on a beautiful VR tour of where the beans are grown alongside opportunities to taste the coffee…

The possibilities are endless and people are always impressed and excited by VR, which is itself always improving in precision and definition giving viewers more and more realistic experiences.

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It’s a good idea to include at least one digital screen in your exhibition design to make that first interaction. It is versatile – changing for different products or messages you want to convey as well as being more eye-catching for your stand visitors. An LED wall, for example, gives you complete freedom to change your messages and display for every exhibition you do, which is particularly useful if you exhibit on a regular basis. Motion sensor capability takes this to a new level making it possible for both presenter and visitors to engage with your screen and will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Touch screens and apps

People love to play with technology, and this is a great way to generate leads and a buzz around your brand or product. Enhance your brand with a specially designed app for your visitors to interact with, for example – fun quizzes where visitors answer on touch screens and win prizes.

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Connect visitors with your brand by mocking up an example of your product for visitors to experience as this will engage people far more.

If you are an architectural design geek then you will know the ultimate example of this is when New York design studio, Snarkitcture, celebrated 10 years in the business by mocking up a ‘fun house’ with an exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. It included a white gabled house that visitors can walk through with the exciting addition of a kidney-shaped ball pit you can throw yourself into.

If your budget doesn’t quite fit a museum, there are many ways you can mock up space for people to interact with. For example, if you provide office space then mock up an office pod that visitors can sit in complete with games to highlight features of the design.

Freebies but not as you know it…

Yes – we all love freebies – visitors expect them, and you wouldn’t have a stand without something to give away for your visitors to use and remember you with. However, what about embedding them into the design of your stand? For example, you could have a cocktail bar, a coffee station, cylinders of fruit, old fashioned sweets in jars.
Free massages, manicures, foot rubs are other good ideas for interactive giveaways and provide your sales team time to properly engage with visitors.

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Bring the outdoors in

Have you been tasked to ‘think outside the box’? Then why not bring the outside in? Exhibition halls can make for stuffy places crammed with visitors and artificial light.

Create an interactive stand complete with greenery (faux or real) that visitors can interact with. Provide deckchairs, benches, cool drinks alongside products for your visitors to try out and give them an oasis in the midst of electric lighting, metal and plastic. This will work particularly well for companies that provide lifestyle products like camping equipment, food and drinks and personal items.

However, even if you are providing insurance, you can still provide a refreshing ‘outside’ space for people to relax and learn about your brand.

Final points to remember for your interactive exhibition stand

  • Connect the experience to your brand – whatever fantastic experiences you provide at your interactive exhibition stand, to somehow connect it to your brand even if visitors simply win prizes that reflect your brand or products

  • Make it fun – visitors will welcome a fun break from work so don’t be afraid of making it fun or silly

  • It doesn’t have to cost the earth – A truly interactive exhibition stand doesn’t have to be expensive – if you are operating on a tight budget then old school games or a photo booth mock-up can work really well
  • Engage your sales team – Ensure all your staff are confident at operating any technology required and that they have fun with the interaction as this will draw visitors in too

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David Hennessy

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