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Truly engaging sustainable exhibition stands

The exhibition industry is not environmentally friendly; but it doesn’t need to be this way!

We offer a true alternative for brands and businesses who are equally aware of their impact and carbon footprint and want to demonstrate that they are making a difference to the way that they exhibit.

We employ an environmental management system and as a part of this we carefully examine each project that we undertake to ensure that we can advise our clients on the absolute best practice for delivering the truly best possible, environmentally friendly exhibition stand from design through to delivery of your display.

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  • Energy – All the power, light and heating we use is provided only by suppliers with green credentials whilst 100% of our electrical tariff is from renewable energy sources
  • Supply chain – We ensure that all our suppliers not only supply environmentally friendly products but can demonstrate environmental best practice from everything to delivery of products down to circular product recycling
  • Installation and delivery – Where charging and infrastructure exists, we always encourage the use of electric vehicles for delivery and aim to have a fully electric fleet by 2026
  • Premises and Location – Our headquarters have excellent energy efficiency are ideally positioned to serve all our customers in and around some of the largest exhibition halls in the UK and our staff are encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport to travel to work
  • Waste management – Over 75% of all waste produced by Motive Graphics (April 2020-21) is recycled or reused
  • Media – We carefully select medias that are from sustainable or renewable sources and use sustainable Eco board (rather than PVC foam board), recycled aluminium composite boards, non-PVC vinyls and all our acrylic substitutes are from recycled sources
  • Timber – Any constructions that we undertake from timber are carefully selected from either FSC or PEFC chain of custody suppliers and we rent out timber displays and furniture, which are then refurbished, renewed and reused to remove waste from the process
  • Reusable modular systems Our twist and lock modular system is a fully recyclable and reusable system that will still look brand new and have a huge impact in the exhibition halls
  • Single use plastics and PVC – We offer affordable, workable alternatives to these and can advise on best practices to remove these from your display.
  • Flooring and Carpets – We offer a wide range of sustainable woollen alternatives to polyester carpets and all the raised flooring we use is a modular, rental and fully reusable system that is easily transported to reduce the carbon impact of transportation
  • Lighting and Electricity use – We offer an energy-efficient rental lighting system
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Sustainability insights

Read more about how we have reduced our carbon footprint and how this applies to you.

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If you are planning to exhibit for the first time or if you are experienced in exhibitions and would like some help and advice into how to limit your carbon footprint and become more sustainable, please get in touch. Find out how we can make you brand stand out without the cost to the environment.

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