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Motive Exhibitions is ready to help when the unexpected happens

  • Are you in a pickle and need a quote and exhibition stand in a hurry?
  • Unexpectedly need to find a new exhibition stand designer?
  • Have a time critical stand   that needs  to be designed and built?
  • Need a reliable exhibition stand  builder  loved by their clients?

don’t settle for second best, we can quickly turn your ideas into reality! 

  • Enquiry to quote within 24hrs
  • Major exhibition locations covered
  • 5-star customer reviews
  • Unique bespoke, modular, display & shell scheme stand – design, build & install
  • Experienced expert team
  • Rapid service for urgent projects

Picking an exhibition company to work with through to running the big day itself is a big responsibility and can be daunting – even more so if you are under time pressure or the unexpected has happened and you need an exhibition stand urgently.

We combine creative and inspiring designs to make every stand unique. We bring your brand, clever production and manufacturing techniques together to give you a bespoke stand you can reuse and repurpose in the future. 

When we say we design bespoke exhibition stands, we mean it. Hybrid, rental, part customised display stand or a totally unique, bespoke stand. You’ll get a display stand that’s perfect for you. With 5-star customer reviews and an experienced team, you’re in trusted and safe hands. 

We help you every step of the way. Are you ready to start?

Need an exhibition stand  in a hurry? Enquiry to quote within 24 hrs

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Bespoke Exhibition Stand
Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Prepare for a stress-free exhibition stand design experience

When the pressure is on and an exhibition stand is needed urgently and is time critical, we will work with you to make sure it is done to the highest standard.

At Motive Exhibitions, we know what we’re doing and we don’t need to bamboozle you with unfathomable words to prove how good we are. Our approach is simple:

  • Creative ideas that reflect your brand and will entice attendees to visit
  • No lingo, no jargon, just straightforward advice that you can understand and trust
  • We make your job as easy as possible and will tell you how it is, no grey areas that make you feel silly to ask questions, no assumptions you should know this stuff already
  • Updates you can give to your boss without the need for a technical encyclopedia to decipher
  • Good management and clear details keep projects on track
  • An end result that gives you the confidence to do future events and makes you look great
  • Liaise with the team who create, manage and deliver  
Bespoke Exhibition Stand

“Organising an exhibition on top of my day to day workload had the potential to create a lot of stress/worry, so I reached out to Motive to manage our bespoke exhibition stand. The team at Motive were brilliant and helped us all the way through the process wherever they could; they made us a stand that grabbed attention for our target customers and all for an affordable budget. On the day of the event, the team couldn’t have done more to support where possible – I’d highly recommend their work & the team at Motive Exhibitions for any future event.”

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Some of our Exhibition stand Projects

Trade Exhibtion Booth | Frankfurt | Motive Exhibitions
Bespoke Exhibition Stand
Bespoke Exhibition Stand
Bespoke Exhibition Design with Green Plants for Leo Vegas
Bespoke Exhibition Stand
Exhibition Stand Urgently
interactive exhibition booth | Motive Exhibitions | Budvar
Bespoke Exhibition Stand
Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Types of exhibition display stands you can book

Whatever your budget or needs, there is an exhibition stand that will help you stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience. Take a look at the different options below.


I’ve not done an exhibition stand before, can you help project manage it?

We’re only as good as our last job. Our reputation relies on us making you look good, that’s why you’ll work with the same friendly team throughout. Whether you need lots of help or a little bit, we take it in our stride to make you as comfortable and confident as possible 

We keep things simple for you, seeing the problems before they happen and dealing with them, whether that’s through knowledge about specific exhibition halls, off-the-cuff comments from your manager or unexpected changes to how an exhibition is running. 

We’re lucky to have clients take us with them when they change jobs and continue to invest bigger budgets for grander exhibition stands as their events become a bigger part of their marketing activity.

We need a stand in a hurry, can you help?

If you’ve found yourself unexpectantly needing a new supplier, you’ve been offered stand space at an unbelievably low price but your usual exhibition company can’t help, then you might be feeling the pressure. 

We can turn good quality bespoke stands around quickly if needed. The first thing to do is give us a call and explain the space and we can talk you through the options based on your timelines. 

How do I know you have the capabilities?

If you’ve Googled ‘Exhibition designers’ or similar, you’ll probably found yourself presented with the biggest and swishiest exhibition outfits in the business. If you’ve looked at their portfolio or had a conversation with them and feel a little out of your depth from the language, exhibition terminology and the budget you’ll need to work with them, you might be wondering where else to look.

We sit comfortably in the middle and we are more than happy here. It allows us to combine experience, excellent creative design with personal straightforward service to make you feel comfortable and confident rather than overwhelmed from the start. We’re always happy to provide examples from previous exhibitions we have created that have similar requirements, industries and budgets so that you can get a good idea of what we can do before we start. 

Want to know what it’s like to work with us? We’re happy for you to talk to a client who is in a similar position on their experience.

How will you keep my project on budget?

Have you ever worked with an exhibition designer and builder who was very reasonable but at the end of the project your tummy was in knots when the final bill came in? Did you think everything was included and then there was a flurry of extra unexpected costs because they said “it’s industry-standard not to be included?”

We’ve heard a whole load of horror stories over the years. We also know that if we want to keep you as a customer in ten years time, you need to know what you’re signing up for, otherwise you won’t come back, and that’s no fun!

There are two things that keep a project on budget

  • A good brief – you can find out how to write one here with a free download 
  • A clear price that states it includes everything you have requested in your brief at the outset – if you want extra’s later on, you’ll be able to warn your boss before you speak to your exhibition designers
  • Would you like more information on  the  exhibition lingo. Debunk  the terminology and read our A-Z of   Exhibitions.
Can we get a proposal and visual before committing?

We can help you before you even get to writing a proposal. 

Speaking to exhibition companies takes time. They are likely to ask you to put it all down in an email and then it will be interpreted by different companies in different ways. You’ll end up comparing apples and pears.

We suggest reading through our document and download  to help write the perfect brief. It’s a savvy way to save time and write your brief once so that your chosen exhibition shortlist responds to the same request.

We always provide a full proposal and visuals. We work with every client to produce a visual that they are excited to see built and will meet their needs.

How much do exhibition stands cost?

Several factors will influence the cost of your exhibition stand:

  • Size of the space you have booked
  • Whether you anticipate your event to be a one-off exhibition or whether you need an exhibition stand you can reuse and reconfigure multiple times for different venues
  • What do you want to achieve from exhibiting?
  • Have you considered hiring your stand rather than buying it?
  • We will collaborate with you to establish a plan and design and work with your budget
What types of exhibition stands are there?

There are lots of different types of exhibition stands including modular exhibition stands, shell scheme stands and pop-up displays.  The two most popular are:

Modular exhibition trade show stands

Either referenced as exhibitions or trade shows. A modular stand is an exhibition system comprising different blocks that can be reconfigured to fit different exhibition spaces, without compromising on the graphics. 

Looking for an exhibition space without sides? You need an Island site – as the name suggests it has no sides and usually you can walk around every side.

Shell scheme exhibition stand

A shell scheme refers to the preassigned space that you are allocated by the exhibition organisers. This is a completely blank canvas ready for you to plan and create your exhibition space.

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