Creating a showstopping exhibition stand for newly acquired Plastic Bottle Supplies

Packaging Innovations, Birmingham NEC


IPL is a company that specialises in providing sustainable packaging solutions for a variety of industry sectors across the world. At Motive Exhibitions, we partner with customers to design, manufacture and deliver the right product for the job, always adding value long past the initial investment. In 2020, IPL acquired Plastic Bottle Supplies and Packaging Innovations was the first exhibition for the IPL Global brand. This was the 7th exhibition Motive Exhibitions had designed and built for IPL Global in the past 18 months.
Services provided: Exhibition stand design, Custom stand build, Exhibition stand hire, Storage post-event, Full project management

the brief

Newly acquired by IPL Global, Plastic Bottle Supplies were keen to showcase their newly launched sugar cane bottle at Packaging Innovations. The brief was clear from the outset: to make a splash; showcase the new product and to get people taking samples and speaking to the sales team. As a brand transitioning into IPL, attention to the branding was also key.

what we created

Breaking perceptions in the blink of an eye

The art of exhibiting is making sure everyone understands who you are and what you are offering, very quickly. Confuse them, and you lose them. With the experience of exhibiting IPL Global brands at various locations, we are very familiar with the brand guidelines, expectations and what works for them.

This product range was very different to previous IPL brand products. The challenge for this stand was to ensure people understood whilst the new bottle might look plastic, it was in fact made of sugar cane pulp. We also needed to design the stand so that it could be exhibited again in the future.

Making the origins of the materials on the stand was key. We designed the stand around the product they were displaying. We custom-built a tiered display unit which incorporated the raw sugar cane material alongside the finished product, so visitors could see the before and after.

To increase engagement visitors could come and get a free bottle of water, fridges were installed to keep water cool.

A hybrid stand with custom build feel

We combined modular panels covered in fabric and the IPL Global graphic suspended from the ceiling. A custom timber roof gave a simple feel and a clean, fresh stand design was complemented by synthetic plants which could be reused multiple times in the future.

Custom Display Plinths for IPL Plastics at Packaging Innovations
Custom-Exhibition-Stand for IPL and Plastic Bottle Supplies at Packaging Innovations
Bottle Bar for Plastic Bottle Supplies at Packaging Innovations

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the nitty gritty

The details and statistics of this exhibition stand build

  • Hybrid custom and modular exhibition stand
  • 6m x 6m exhibition stand space
  • Hired and bought elements
  • 2 days to build
  • 2 x van loads of materials
  • Build team of 3
  • RAMS and logistics for stand

What Made This Project Unique

Where are all the bottles kept? As it was a two-day event with a focus on giving away samples to prospects, whilst keeping the stand space clear and simple, we had to think creatively about the storage of spare bottles. Our solution was to make the back wall hollow and stack it with bottles making them easily accessible when needed, so there were plenty of bottles that were easily accessible.

Hanging Banners at Packaging Innovations for IPL and Plastic Bottle Supplies

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